As we saw in the last article TTY: What is? What’s the use? . If you think you do not need as many TTY as those available by default in your environment. I agree, and it affects a little performance of your linux .. but rather it. Certainly for those who need the full potential of a machine that will make a difference.

There are ways you can decrease the amount of TTY of their distribution here will decline to 3 the device files , if you want to you can change as you wish, just following the logic, and steps.


To get access to the console root and edit the file /etc/default/console-setup. I like to use the nano to edit files on the command line. But the use of your own, if you do not have nano, try the pico.

 +5 nano /etc/default/console-setup 

The +5 is already to begin with the cursor on line 5, which on ubuntu (at least in my ubuntu 13.10 ) is the line that we will edit. If it is not in his use ctrl + w to find, and good luck!


You’ll find something like:

 ACTIVE_CONSOLES = "/dev/tty[1-6]" 

Change to:

 ACTIVE_CONSOLES = "/dev/tty[1-3]" 

Thus altered the amount of TTY 3.

Then go to the directory /etc/init/, and move the files to another tty place, or rename them.

mv tty4.conf tty4.conf.bkp
mv tty5.conf tty5.conf.bkp
mv tty6.conf tty6.conf.bkp

Restart your operating system, and it will load the settings now, or will not load … Everything depends on your point of view, call your grandmother explains to her everything you read … and make an brainstorm with her.

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Written by vinicius