Very simple, TTY is an abbreviation for teletypewriter. Do not understand? You for sure have used .. If you use linux .. if you do not close that uses your internet explorer .. and look for a window to play. If you use MAC makeup and go for this PC formats. Jokes aside, TTY is when you use the shortcut key

 CTRL + ALT + F # 

, or even when you open a terminal on your OS.

Yes! TTY is simply a terminal to which you are connected. An interface from which you can give text commands to a machine.

In the case of terminal initiated within its interface like this:


It is a virtual TTY, which simulates a direct command interface to the OS.

Command TTY

$ tty

This command tells you what the file name connected to standard input. The term pts is the abbreviation for pseudo. If you run the command directly on a real TTY you have the following:

$ tty

The number in the command output indicates that the machine it ran on standard input is associated with that number. If you open other terminals, they are numbered sequentially 6,7 … In some distributions few tty are blocked because they are associated with a manager like modem-manager or LightDM .

Beauty and serving me? Imagine that you are using more than one terminal in its distribution, common, and you want the result of a command from a tty appears in another tty. For example the listing of a directory appears in another terminal, you can use:

 ls /home > /dev/pts/6 

For more on the tty command, use on your tty command:

 man tty 


 tty - help 



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Written by vinicius