One more tip for those who are starting in php , continuing the previous tutorial. Let us understand how to sweep a multidimensional array with php


It is much simpler than in other languages. Which you would have to put two is like talking about … In php you have the foreach , which scans the array, and iterates automatically.

Running array

assuming a return of bank that has several arrays into one another, we access to all items of that array would do the following:

Explaining the code

The first lines are the definition of a array , so we can make the iterations.

The online foreach parameters are the array, and $ data is the variable that will receive the value of the iteration time.

The function is_array checks if the passed parameter is either not a array .

The function echo it displays on screen the value in the near variável.Nos chapters of this novel posts, I explain why to use a comma, not concatenation. Beforehand you advise to use this form.

Recursive Function

This code would be very efficient for an array that we know the definition of size, and a small sweep.

However for a huge array with many dimensions would be an immense source, so we can use recursion.

Thus if it is array, it will call the function again and do the loop “sub-array”, thus all levels will be achieved.

You can check the functions in the php documentation:

Written by vinicius