Configuring Zend Framework 2 with lighttpd

As a basis we use the ubuntu , but serves to any distribution, just know locate the configuration file lighttpd (lighttpd.conf)

Accessing lighttpd.conf

In ubuntu the file is located in / etc / lighttpd in other distributions.

Run command:

Make sure that the mod_rewrite is active.

Remove the ‘#’ back of the “mod_rewrite”, and voila! Ready a part.

Configuring mod_rewrite

On my server I use the mod_simple_vhost , but for those who do not use, simply remove the portion of the $ HTTP ..

This is the configuration of a personal project

As the Zend Framework, you need everything to be redirected to the index.php, as it is used to make friendly url

The part that really matters is to set the folder with server.document-root , if it is not in default, and the part of url.rewrite-once

First things first. Explaining the url.rewrite-once:

On the line below, it redirects everything we been through GET to index.php like GET

In this he avoids the redirect of static files, all directed to the actual file.

Here, everything is called will be redirected to index.php


For those who do not know should know!

Written by vinicius