Continuing the previous topic .. the main Subversion commands.

I think anything more than a simple “help” to learn all the commands. The “help” of subversion, is cooler than the others because it provides help with svn commands. For example:

All the arguments of the update will be returned

Well, if you want something more advanced SVN and have questions about how to do it, nothing easier than use this help, which is remarkably complete.

Top Really commands:

  • Checkout

The key to getting everything, “checkout”, which is the command for you “download” the desired repository.

This url_repositorio is variable if site can be used:

If external and accessed by http:

ps:. If port 80 is not necessary to inform the same. IN my case, as is the 95 put the “: 95”;

If the SVN protocol is used:

  • Update

Used to update the repository, as the name implies .. this is not to explain.

  • Commit

Follows the same pattern of the update.

  • Delete

Unlike the delete is that it can pass the url in place of the path, and thus will be deleted immediately. And if you pass the local path, it will only be deleted after Millet commit.

if you want


I believe that these are the most commonly used commands in everyday life. The only thing to add are the arguments – username and – password, to set the username and password respectively
If you have any questions, I am available to clarify them.

Written by vinicius